Our Ethos & Values



I am drawn to and inspired by the unique soulful beauty, meaningful stories, ethical way of living and it's a joy to be able to bring my eclectic finds to you.

We are all unique human beings and our thoughts are eclectic, so
surrounding ourselves with beautiful objects that standout, speak to us and reflect our individuality feels natural, comforting and inspiring.

When we express our true self, we see that the beauty with substance is always in style, we really begin to appreciate and love the uniqueness in design. We become aware of our social responsibility towards the makers.


Handmade luxury is what we bring for you. Things that are made with loving human touch taking time, skill and dedication have stories imbibed in them. It is a precious quality that enriches our experience and pleasure and connect us deeply to the objects we acquire.
Unlike the mass-produced and fast moving trendy items, skillfully hand-crafted goods are uncommon with a unique charm and ability to make us care and preserve, hence naturally
taking us on a journey of sustainable lifestyle.


India is a treasure chest of rich, vibrant and traditional crafts that have been practiced and developed over many centuries(some for thousands of years) and appreciated around the world. Various crafts are associated with the way of living, the cultural identity and means of livelihood for the communities that have created and evolved these traditions.
We are on a journey, and it is our pleasure to discover these beautiful Indian handicrafts with relevance to the modern world, to present them to the global audience, to celebrate, and to support the culture of handicrafts which is truly a world heritage.


We believe that happy individuals make beautiful things and spread joy through their creations. At Mayuri Living, we strive to encourage and support healthy and progressive artisans and communities through curating from organized self help groups and by partnering with enterprises and brands that share our core values. We believe that as a responsible shopper when you choose handmade products, you should be able to truly appreciate, use and enjoy each of your purchase.
We have set ourselves high standards to explore and bring you the products that are exceptional in design, craft and quality and are created by community groups and design houses where artisans and their skills are appreciated, paid fairly and well guided by designers to suit the modern needs and aesthetics. We curate our collections from various support organizations and ethical brands.